Guideline Steps


  1. Click "Registration" button from our website
  2. Fill form "Provide Data to Select Race" correctly.
    Click “Register”.
  3. Race Type options will be displayed, choose your preferred race.
    Note: The choices of Race Type are appeared according to data of "Date of Birth" and "Gender" which entered.
    Click "Book Race".
  4. Complete your data in Participant Registration form
    Please be noted to upload picture of ID Card and Taxation Registration Number Card (NPWP).
    Click "I Agree to Race Terms & Condition”.
    Click "Register Now".
  5. Re-check the data resume that already filled, and then make Payment.
  6. Payment Confirmation will be sent to your email.
    Note: For registrations with incomplete payments, will automatically notified as "PENDING" status and will expire within 24 hours.



  1. Do steps 1 to 5 as above (Individual Category) to register as a Team Leader.
  2. After successfully making the Payment, go to your account and click your respective Relay/Team order
    Click “View Registration”.
  3. Click “Register Your Team”.
  4. Complete your First Team Member data that must be filled in the Participants’ e-form.
    Click "I Agree to Race Terms & Condition”.
    Click "Register Team".
  5. Repeat step 3 and 4 to register Second Team Member. Note : The Maximum number of participant in one Team is 3 persons include the Team Leader